Karian Quazi

Nine-year-old Kairan Quazi is wise beyond his years, attending elementary school and college on weekdays. (Source: WBAL, Huffington Post, Julia Quazi) 

(Meredith) -- A 9-year-old fourth-grader balances a busy schedule every weekday, Kairan Quazi attends elementary school during the day and goes to college in the evening. 

In Sunnyvale, California, Kairan majors in math and chemistry at Las Positas College, according to Huffington Post

"My weekdays are a little crazy, honestly," Kairan said in an interview with WBAL. In the morning during the weekday, he attends Helios, a school for gifted children, then after elementary school he heads over to Livermore, California to sit in for his college courses. 

"I was a 3-year-old preschooler when I corrected my teacher’s knowledge of the constitutional requirements to be U.S. president," Karian wrote in an op-ed for Huffington Post.

According to WBAL, his parents said doctors qualified him as profoundly gifted, clarifying that his IQ is above the 99.9th percentile of the general population.

Karian previously attended private school but by third grade he was teaching himself calculus and organic chemistry. The 9-year-old exceeded expectations for learning the curriculum taught at his old school so his parents decided to consult a series of specialists.

The gifted 9-year-old was transferred to Helios and Las Positas College, two places that allow him to thrive and perform at his best. 

Karian told WBAL, he was 'a bit nervous' at first to take college classes, but his classmates eventually warmed up to him after a few weeks. His hand is always raised, ready to answer his professor's questions. He said he is encouraged to let others take a shot at answering questions in class. 

Karian said he plans to graduate from Las Positas and Helios within the next two years and then attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

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